Monday, December 19, 2011

no more blank walls!

The other day I was looking around the house, searching for things I could hang on my bedroom walls.  Now that it is painted, it is a shame to let the walls be bear.  They need something!

I already made the hangings from the toilet paper rolls.  I still look at those in amazement.  I can't believe that they turned out so well!

I snatched a few pictures from the living room (there are still more than enough in there) and hung a group of four on the wall over the TV.  It looks so much better.  And, surprisingly, I got them straight the first time.

I stole a picture frame out of the girls' room and put a picture in it.  It is hanging in a spot that was just right for it.

On the wall next to our bed, I placed this piece of art that we got from a beach vendor in Puerto Vallarta when we went back in 2008.  It is a bit small for the wall, but it will do for now.  Until I figure something else out.

Since I stole something from the girls' room, I felt like I need to replace it.  I had an old, already painted, canvas that I just repainted pink, added some buttons to frame a picture. 

Now, the picture can be replaced whenever I fancy.  And, it adds a splash of color to their walls.  That is until Jorge paints the room.  Once the girls saw our bedroom painted, they each yelled out that they wanted their room painted.  Just wait girls!  My living room first!


julie said...

That button picture frame is adorable ! ! !

Lisa n Javi said...

Love the picture in the button frame. Too Cute!

Tara said...

I too love the button picture frame!