Tuesday, December 06, 2011

simple tip for shredding chicken

I have previously confessed my love of Pinterest.  It has come in handy more than on a few occasions.  I just love that site!  There are so many reasons to hop on and browse all the stuff that the site holds. 

But, the thing about Pinterest is that if you don't pin something the first time you see it, you might not find it again.

Today I stumbled upon a pin and I didn't see it again after that first time.  But, I didn't need to because it was a simple little tip on how to shred chicken.  Almost every dish that I make that involves chicken, the chicken needs to be shredded. 

Some of you might already know about this tip, but I didn't and I wanted to share in case some of you didn't know about it.

When I need shredded chicken, I take a few chicken breasts, throw them in some water and boil them.  Once they are cooked, I set them on a cutting board and wait for the to cool enough to shred with my fingers or a few forks. 

Check this out!

I put the HOT chicken breasts, straight from the boiling water, into the mixer and BAM!  It was done for me!  No waiting or burnt fingers because I didn't want to wait.

How magical is that!?  Whoever thought of this, genius!


Stephanie G said...

I would have never thought of that. Such a great idea, no more burnt fingers.

Katie said...

Great tip! I'll have to try it. Thanks.