Friday, December 16, 2011

another school recap

It's Friday, again!  Time is just flying by!  It seems like yesterday was Monday.  But, Friday means another recap of school!  Sorry for those of you that this doesn't interest.

Monday was a holiday here in Mexico.  It was Day of the Virgin of Guadalupe.  So, Jorge was off work that day.  That kind of threw the whole week off.   But, we got back on track and got some of our school work done.

Today we were working on reviewing the letters that we have learned.  The curriculum focuses on one letter a week.  Since we are on week 4, we are at letter "D".  Writing the lower case "b" and "d" throws the girls off.  I need to find a trick to teach them so they can remember the correct way to write them.

Today we did a little craft project.  We made a reindeer!  The girls traced their hands (I had to help Emily with that part.) and I cut out their traced hands.  We used a red pom pom for the nose, a wiggly eye, a tail, a pipe cleaner for the antlers, and some construction paper and glitter to make a collar. 

I have some self-adhesive magnets that we added to the back and now we have a couple festive magnets to hang on the refrigerator!

It seems like, at this age, doing crafts with the girls is more work for me than them!  But, they had fun and that is what is important.


Jackie said...

When you discover how to help your girls learn the difference between "d" and "b," please let me know. :)

Valarie said...

I was hoping that a reader would suggest a way! :)

I might look online for tips.

Valarie said...

Jackie, I just found this little article. Kind of helpful.

penny said...

Love these posts, Val!
The craft is super cute.

I found this one and thought I'd try it with Veda.

Stephanie G said...

I was told by my kids teacher that, it is normal for kids to confuse these 2 letters more often than not and that it slowly gets better over the years. My son is 8 and still gets them confused at times but, my daughter who is a year older hasn't in about 2 years. This is something that is learnt with practice, time, and lots of correction.

Jackie said...

I'm going to check out the article, thanks!