Tuesday, December 20, 2011

sneak peek and an unusual sight

Are you sick of me talking about my painted house, walls, wall art and such!?  I know!  I get carried away.  But, I LOVE it!  I love that the house looks like a home!

When I first moved here the house was as bare as could be.  We had the basics.  Nothing more.  Which is understandable since the only items I could bring down here are what fit in a cab of a friend's truck and in our Pacifica. 

Since then I have drove down a handful of time with the car loaded to max capacity and beyond. And, each trip I make to the States via plane, I go with one bag and come back with five.  It is a problem I have.  But, I have accepted it and moved on.  If you lived here or visited here, you might understand how hard it is to find cute, inexpensive stuff.  In any category.  So, I stock up every visit.

I remember having chats with people that were going to be moving down here to Mexico.  They inevitably ask what they should bring with them.  Knowing that I have lived her for a while now, that wasn't unexpected for them to ask.

I always tell people that the thing that made me most feel OK here was having my house feel like a home.  I want it to feel like mine.  A place I can relax and feel comfortable.  It has taken me a while to get to that point, but I am finally here.  So I always tell them, if at all possible, bring personal items not just things that are necessary.  I know logistically, that is not always possible. 

Or, check out the *original* living room we had.   There really was nothing! http://www.flickr.com/photos/bigvz/2476344733/in/set-72157604969268177

You can see we used to have only the couch.  Looks like Bella preferred a box over the couch.  The living room has come a long ways since those early days.

This might be a rental, and who knows if one day we will be asked to move.  But, for now it is mine.  And, I think it looks just like *my* place.  So, that is why I love sharing it with everyone because all the people that mean the most to me, that I want to show, can't come and see it.  I have to virtually show it to them.

Before picture -- no paint on the walls. (Our big TV was being repaired.  The small TV looks so funny there.)

And, since Jorge painted a few of the walls in the living room last night, I am beyond thrilled with it and wanted to give you a little preview.  We need to make another trip to Home Depot to get the accent wall paint color and another gallon of the color on the walls right now.

It doesn't look like a dramatic change in this picture.  But let me assure you, in person, it is a HUGE change!
And, on a completely different subject, when we were in Aguascalientes the other weekend, I was surprised to find this near the parking lot of Wal-Mart.

You just don't expect to see palm trees and an ice skating rink in the same picture.  But, that is how it is done in Mexico!  It was in the mid to upper 70's.  There was a fine layer of water on the top.  But not enough to slow down anyone.  They also had a Santa Claus sitting down the way.  I wish we would have taken the girls.  They would have loved to see Santa and tell him about all the things they want for Christmas.  Next year for sure!


Leslie Limon said...

I love that you posted before and after pics. You should have titled this post "How a house becomes a home". Your living room looks gorgeous!!!

And how cool that there is an ice skating rink in Aguascalientes. We were just talking about possibly going during Christmas break. BUT...knowing Hubby's work schedule, I'm not sure. But I'm hopeful!!! :)

Katie said...

I love your paint color! Paint really does make a huge difference in a room.

Lisa n Javi said...

I like the before and after pictures also. I think the paint does wonders. In my parents house every wall was white and I could not stand it. While living there I swear I changed my room color about three or four times. I need color in my life. LOl

Tara said...

Oh, I love it when you post things you've done in your home and how you've decorated. You my friend are super talented and I love seeing your ideas. I would not have the slightest idea of what, how or where to begin. You should be an interior decorator!