Monday, November 21, 2011

Wii time!

During my visit to the States I purchased many things!  Every time I go (and the month or so prior to going), I buy things like they are going out of style.

I compare it to stocking up for a blizzard.  You know, when you know the weather is going to be bad, you go to the store and stock up on essentials.  For me, living in Mexico, I am confused about what exactly the essentials are.  Almost everything I see looks like an "essential" to me! HA!

One of the things I bought this trip was a Wii.  I originally intended to save it and give it to Jorge for Christmas.  But, I'm not good at waiting.  So, he knew I bought it before I even left to go to the States.  Yeah, I'm bad.

Anyway, we have had lots of fun with it.  I bought several games while I was there at a used game store.  Boy am I glad I did.  I have seen some of the prices of games here and I about crapped my pants!  I thought $40 to $50 was a lot for a game.  Here I have seen some games cost as much as $80.  Just one more thing I will remain to buy from the States!

I bought the Just Dance for Kids.  The girls are more than thrilled with the game. Check them out in action!

I'll refrain from ever having video of me taken while playing any of the dancing games.  I am a white girl through and through and my moves are less than perfect. :)

During our trip on Friday to Aguascalientes, I found a Wii Fit at Costco.  I bought that sucker and have been working out for the past few days.  Let me tell you, it works! 

Another great thing about the Wii is accessing our Netflix account through the console.  This past week Jorge was on vacation and between playing the Wii and watching movies/tv shows through the Wii, I don't think he got off the couch that much.  But, that is OK.  He deserved the downtime.


Lisa n Javi said...

How funny. I had a blast watching my nephews and stepson playing the wii on my trip down to cali.

Tara said...

I have yet to purchase a Wii... I know it is a matter of time before I break down. I would actually love to have it just for the Wii fit. Your girls are so cute doing the little dance routine!

Jill said...

You can get netflicks in Mexico through the Wii?!? Sweet!!! Thanks for the heads up--we'll be looking into that!