Thursday, November 24, 2011

happy thanksgiving!

This was my first Thanksgiving in Mexico. While we didn't have turkey or ham, it turned out well.  Since it is just the four of us, the turkeys and hams at Costco were just too big.  I wasn't look forward to eating leftover turkey for the next month.  So chicken it was!

Here is a little glimpse at our dinner.

(all photos were taken with my, sorry about the quality)

We had chicken.

Roasted parmesan green beans, carrots, corn, and mashed potatoes (not pictured because honestly, they are not that pretty).

Dinner rolls that took twelve and a half years to make.

And for dessert, carrot cake cupcakes with cream cheese icing and cheesecake (not pictured because it is kind of boring looking).

I also made a nice big pitcher of Lipton iced tea. That is a treat around here!

Hope everyone's Thanksgiving was great!


Lisa n Javi said...

Yummy. Those cupcakes look especially good.

rubireyes said...

Delicious! I hope you enjoyed your first "Mexican" Thanksgiving.