Tuesday, November 29, 2011

it's cold!

The title says it all!  It is officially winter here!  The house feels like I have stacked tons of ice in every room.  And remember, we don't have any heat in the house.

Living in Mexico doesn't allow me to escape the cold winters of Indiana.  I have escaped the snow, but not the cold!

The other day I was laying in bed and thought how, all of a sudden, the weather had started to get colder.  I got my phone and looked at the temp.  It showed 39 F.  That is cold.

Then the next day I thought it felt even colder.  I checked.  And, yes.  It was colder than the day before.

And, today.  I woke up and was thankful that I really didn't have to get out of bed right away because of this ridiculous temperature showing on my phone.  And is that a snow icon?  NO!

Out of all my purchases during my visit to the States, my electric blanket has to be my favorite!  It is so cold in the house that I haven't even bothered making the bed today.  That way if I want to get under the warm blanket, the bed is ready!

You won't see the control under "High" most of the time. 

Thankfully we have a space heater, too.  It is sitting next to me right now.  You can see how cold it is in the house even when the thing is on!  That 63 F on it is the temp!  This space heater has a thermostat built in.  I have it set on 75 F but it will never turn off because it won't reach that.  I have had it on for the past handful of hours while I have been working and it is still at 63 F. 

At night it goes in the girls' room.  Lucky for them, their room is the warmest in the house.  It is easy to heat.  The thermostat actually serves a purpose in their room.  I will set it around 72 F and it turns off and on throughout the night to keep them nice and toasty.

One other great use for our space heater is to use it in the bathroom.  Try showering when it is 60 F in your house.  Not fun!  I put it in the bathroom and let the room warm up.  This was the temp in the bathroom the other day right before the girls took a bath.  They would have turned into popsicles without the heater.

I even hooked Colbie up.  I bought him a sweatshirt that he wears around the clock.  Also, that red bed is heated.  He stays outside so it is important to have him warm.  He shakes when it is 80 F outside.  Since he has been wearing his sweatshirt, I haven't seen him shake!  I'm sure he is happy.

Since it is so cold, I finished working, put on some Christmas music on Pandora, and wrapped some presents.  I was inches away from the space heater the whole time.  I think it is time to turn on the oven and warm up the house that way.


rubireyes said...

Even though it is considered summer now in ES, we are experiencing a cold spell especially in the mornings. I am loving the break from the heat! Your pics are great, especially the dressed up doggie. I showed it to my niece who immediately broke out laughing and called him a rockero perro.

Tara said...

Wow! It is cold there. Thank goodness you have the electric blanket and heater! I love the doggie sweater! I bet he appreciates it. I think it is colder there than here at the moment. We keep our heat LOW (around 62, if it is extremely cold we may turn it up some) due to the gas bill. Our monthly gas bill has been close to $300 in the past, and I refuse to pay that much! I keep a space heater in our bed room and when hubs is out of town, I'll let my son sleep in the bed with me and we snuggle to stay warm (which happens to be one of my favorite things)!
I've really got to buy an electric heating blanket!
Stay warm amiga!

Stephanie G said...

First thing, how are you getting Pandora here in Mexico? It will not let me, I keep getting the error message about it only working in the US. :(

Second, yeah, it is cold and this is what I was happy about missing! Atleast, it hasn't got that cold here in Monterrey, yet! Enjoy that electric blanket and stay warm.

Katie said...

Brr! I try to never visit (Puebla) Mexico in the winter because it's too cold! It's colder where I live (Maryland), but we have heat!