Friday, November 25, 2011

first week of school

We are officially one week into our school year.  The girls seem to be really digging it.  Today, when I said we were finished, Bella made a noise indicating "oh man, I want to do some more".

Here are a few pages from their "Mathematical Reasoning" workbook.  It seems they already know the material that we are covering.  I just add things to help make it not so basic.  Like, writing the number that the book is referring to, etc.

There are books that specifically work on tracing, pasting, coloring, drawing, cutting and folding.  Here they are working on the pasting book.

Their favorite is when we do a science experiment.  The other day we filled the test tubes with water and dropped a color tablet in each test tube.  We discussed what was happening with the tablet (it dissolved) and why they couldn't see it anymore and where it went.  Today we used the colored water to show that when you mix two colors, it produces a different color.  This really blew their minds!

Having used the materials that were included in the curriculum, I am very pleased that I picked this one.  It seems to be laid out really well and the girls are enjoying "school". 

Even though this is just Pre-school and it isn't required, I am still documenting every day's activities for each of them.  I figure it will get me in the habit for when we start the school year next year, being that Kindergarten is required.


Lisa n Javi said...

How fun it is to be able to teach your kids at home. I hope this is a possibility for me when the time comes.

rubireyes said...

I give you a lot of credit for going the home school route. It looks like very hard, yet very rewarding work.

Tara said...

Congrats on homeschooling success! It looks like they are really enjoying learning.... which is awesome!
I can't wait to read more.