Friday, November 11, 2011

Our trip, part 2

The weather, outside of a handful of cold rainy days, was excellent while we were there.  The girls took full advantage of all the room to run.  And all the grass!

First, here is the continuation from my last post.  Every year we go down the street to our friend Missy's house and go trick or treating with her little boy, Alex (he is the all black Batman).  He is BFFs with the girls.  As you can see, it is a workout for the kids since the yards are so big!  They definitely deserve some of that candy by the end of the evening.

My mom lives next to an elementary school.  The girls love going over to the playground.  I don't think they walked the whole trip.  They were always running.

When the playground wasn't enough for them they would come back and ride their bikes in the driveway.

And, usually that still wasn't enough for them.  Then they would resort to the backyard.  I think I just now realize why I was tired the whole trip.  Watching them with their non-stop action will make anyone tired.

Most of what I did consisted of shopping and eating all the great food!  I did manage to get the girls to go to a Mexican restaurant that Jorge and I used to go to all the time.  While there Bella overheard the employees speaking Spanish and she asked, "Why are they speaking Spanish?".  I guess being in the States confused her of why she would hear people speaking anything but English.  I need to get her out more.  But, here she would just continue to hear Spanish... :)

And, I would say my favorite part of the trip was seeing all my friends.  My mom watched the girls several times for me so I could go socialize.  Here is a picture from a night I met up with some of my friends, Heather, Julie, Jenni and Amy.  We went to my friend Bradley's restaurant.  It was great fun! 

Stay tuned tomorrow for a continuation!


Stephanie G said...

It looks like you had tons of fun in the states!!!

julie said...

It was so great to see you, Val! It's fun to see the recaps of your stay here!

rubireyes said...

Acres and acres of lush green grass. Makes me want to roll around in it. Looks like you and your girls had a great time.

Jackie said...

What a beautiful neighborhood! So much space too! What a great experience for you and your girls!

Tara said...

I love reading about your trip. The pictures are great and look at all the grass the girls had to run around on. Your trip looks like a lot of fun.