Wednesday, November 23, 2011

the tree is up!

Yeah, I know, Thanksgiving is tomorrow and I already have the tree up?  And?

Technically, we don't have Thanksgiving here in Mexico, so I don't feel the need to wait.  And, like I just told a friend, if I could have the tree up year-round without it making me seem crazy, I would!  Totally!

I wish I had more Christmas decorations.  The choices here are limited.  I wish for a stroll down the aisles of Target the day after Christmas.  Oh how I would buy, buy, buy!  Then the house would be like Winter Wonderland during the holidays!

And since we already declared yestereday that I am NOT Martha Stewart, making holiday decorations is out of the question.  I want them to be cute.  Not tacky!

So, I present you the holiday house of the Ramirez family. 

Our tiny little tree.  I believe this is the last year for this guy.  We are upgrading next year!

"And the stockings were hung from the door with care."  Oh, that isn't what they said?

Why not hang this from the light?  And, notice my candlestick holder?  :)

Just some holiday cheer.

And some more holiday cheer.

This is Colbie's (our dog) stocking.  He is trying his best to be a good boy this year.

Some festive placemats that are in desparate need of being ironed. (I hate to tell them that it is not happening today!)

And the alcohol needs to feel festive, too!
We put all this out this past Sunday.  When I asked the girls if they wanted to get the tree out, Jorge looked at me with those eyes that say, "Are you serious?"  Heck yeah!  The girls were all for it, too!


Leslie Limon said...

Love it, love it, LOVE IT!!! :) I wish I could keep my Christmas decorations up all year! And oh how I wish I could go shopping for Christmas decorations at Target. All of mine are homemade. The few that I've found here aren't really my style.

rubireyes said...

Your decorations are gorgeous. I think we have the same tree. I am impressed with how lovely your home looks.