Wednesday, August 25, 2010

yes, another quilt

I saw a really cute design here for a quilt and decided to do it.  My friend, Heather, gave me some cute fabric that I was sure would work really well for it.  Monday evening, after I got done with work, I started it.  I got it mostly finished yesterday and now all there is left to do is finish binding it...BY HAND!  I have NEVER finished a quilt by hand.  I like to take the shortcuts and just do it on the machine.  But this time I thought I would do it the right way.  So far I am only about 6" into doing it.

Take a look at the progress:

Sewed on the letters and bird.  Don't worry, I will give the little bird feet later.

I added the first rows of colored fabric to the white fabric.

I finished the other two sides.

Then I added the batting and stitched a zigzag stitch around the border.

At this point I cut out and sewed all the pieces for the entire back piece but for some reason didn't take a picture.

Then I put the front and back panel together and adding the binding.



Close up of binding.  Right now it looks finished but really it is all pinned waiting for me hand stitch the rest.  Yikes!

I really like it.  And like the other things I do, it is far from perfect but I don't care.


julie said...

i really like it, too! good luck with the hand-stitching!

Valarie said...

I actually finished the hand-stitching today! AND it has been washed and dried and nothing came undone! I am very happy.

Cutzi said...

I love it! So have you taken quilting classes or is this pretty much self-taught?

Valarie said...

No classes. I just break it down in my head of how to do it. AND, I am not the best. You know how there is rustic cooking? Well, I am a rustic sewer! :)

My grandma sewed and my mom does too so I guess I just kind of picked it up along the way somehow. But, no one really taught me.

Joyce said...

You are so crafty...My grandma always said "measure twice, cut once"--I think that is what you are doing with the breaking it down and thinking it through before you make your project. Keep up the good work. I love seeing your pics!