Thursday, August 12, 2010

the good and the bad

I attempted to make crab rangoon the other day.

They look good, huh?

Well, they didn't taste very good.  The filling was fine.  Could have probably used a little sugar.  I think where it all went wrong was the wrappers.  I had to make the wonton wrappers from scratch.  The dough was kind of tough and doughy and I don't think I rolled it thin enough.  Or the cooking temp was off or something.

I was really disappointed.  And I don't really feel like a second attempt.  I will just have some when I visit the US.

The crab rangoon wasn't a success but the blueberry muffins that I made were!

Look good?  They were!

Next up crescent rolls.  I did try some rolls the other day and they turned out not so well.  I followed all the steps...  I am on the hunt for a no-fail bread/roll recipe.


Cutzi said...

You need to get the book "Artisan Bread in 5 minutes a Day" or "Healthy Bread in 5 Minutes a Day." Seriously - no fail. I might recommend the first one though since the second one might have some hard-to-get products.

Valarie said...

Rock on, Cutzi! I will look it up on Amazon right now! I love bread products and in this small town we are VERY limited. Not much of anything. Kind of bums me out. Did you see the link to the crescent rolls? It was from a link you posted on FB! Thanks!

Julie said...

Even though it wasn't what you expected, that crab rangoon does look good. And so do the muffins!

Leslie Limon said...

Your Crab Rangoon looks great! I'd eat it! :P And your muffins also look divine!!! Just one question...Where on earth did you find blueberries???