Wednesday, August 04, 2010

watercolor artists

I bought some watercolor paints the other day at Office Max.  The paint that we have used before is TOO messy for my taste and because of how I am, it is required that we paint outside.  Watercolors are more appropriate for their level of messiness.

Of course they are experts at making a mess, so the colors of course start to all turn brown.

But, that is OK.  They love it and had a blast.

The girls are always wanting to paint.  It is the little artists in them.  It is funny how they have distinctive styles.

Bella is so organized and detailed and clean about things.  Her work shows that.

And then there is Emily.

She is wild!  And carefree.  That is what I love about her the most.  Her works shows her true colors.

Now that they have seen these pictures they want to paint.  Advertising would work on them very well.

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Heather said...

So cute! They are very talented! I love the new blog layout.