Thursday, September 09, 2010

small projects

I was looking on the other day for Christmas gift ideas for the girls.  I was browsing through their educational and learning toys and spotted some shape bean bags for $20 and thought that was such a crazy price.  Especially since I have a lot of fabric laying right behind me and some scissors and know how to cut out various shapes.  A trip to the store for $1.50 bag of beans and we are set.

This is what was came of it.

The girls really like them.  I bought some buckets and thought we could make a game out of it.  Some of the shapes were super simple to make and I think I will make some more for them.  

I also converted this little hallway in the front of our house into a little area for the girls to play in.  Bella is always messing around in it.  It used to house Jorge's bike, some tools and other misc. items.

It has been a hit.  This morning the first thing Bella did was come and ask me to turn on the light to her "
new room".  The light switch is oddly located outside.

I think we will play a game of shape bean bag now.


penny said...

SUPER CUTE! Love the idea of bean bag shapes... And that little room just for them is perfect. I've been thinking about doing the same thing with the little area under our staircase.

julie said...

once again, you are awesome :)

Amy Strain said...

AMAZING!! I love, love, love all your projects!!