Saturday, February 25, 2012

pictures set to music

Nothing confirms how fast time goes by than looking at older pictures of your children.  Also, nothing makes you forget all the "bad" times that go along with being a parent like looking at older pictures of your children.

With this lovely digital age, I have been very bad about printing out pictures of the girls.  I have taken several pictures over the course of their short lives.  Fortunately, I have them all over the web so I know they will be available to print when I need them.

Yesterday I found a website (I know there are plenty out there) that let me select the pictures I wanted and put a music track behind them, making a sort of video.  I didn't have to do any of the transistions or fancy fades in the video.  The program on the website did it all for me.  So, I made three little videos.

One of the girls doing their silly little poses.  One of all Bella.  And, one of all Emily.

I really love them, even though they are very simple.  Since I don't have many photo albums to pull out to look back through all the pictures (one of these days I will get around to printing a lot of these photos), I can now just click the play button and it will show me most of my favorite pictures of the girls.

You can take a gander if you would like.  I have already posted these on Facebook, but I know some of you don't have a Facebook account.  Or, maybe we haven't become friends on Facebook...

Anyway,  here are the links to the videos:



The girls being silly!

And, if you like them so much that you might want to view them again (yes, you mom!), then you can always find them on the side of my blog.  Just look where it says "My daughters".  The link is listed there.

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I'm the Mami said...

Om my goodness! I only had a chance to watxh Annabells but it was sooo adorable. My kiddos are having a snack and my two year old exclaimed "awwwww.bebe! " but then about a minute into the video she exclaimed "kid! Mosa (hermosa) " ... It was so cute! I think she realized the "kid" was getting older in the pics. Love the bunny halloween picture, soooo cute.

I may steal this idea :)