Tuesday, March 06, 2012

happy 4th birthday, Emily!

Today Emily turns 4 years old!  We had her party on Saturday.  Here are some pictures from the party.

Bella posing with the birthday girl!

As you can see, above Emily is wearing a yellow shirt.  Her Uncle Luis and Aunt Ariana gave Emily her present when they got here.  It was the Superman shirt and pants she is wearing in the below pictures.  Obviously, those were a big hit!

Here she is opening her Spiderman mask.

Looks like she is happy with it!

She got the game Operation.

Opening her present, Lotsa, from Toy Story 3.

I wasn't sure if she would like him.  But, as you see below, she was ecstatic!

Still loving on Lotsa.

Smiling for someone else's camera.

She got a little, blue purse from Mamaw and Papaw. Blue is Emily's favorite color.

Looks like she likes it!

And, a Toy Story 3 color book with markers.

And, I will personally thank Mamaw and Papaw for this gift.  Headphones!  When Emily plays with her LeapPad, she loves the volume to be as loud as possible.  Now she can enjoy the volume all to herself!

In her Spiderman mask.

I totally forgot to take a picture with candles on the cupcake.  Shame on me!  So, tonight I will get that shot.  Not too bad since today is actually her birthday.

Happy Birthday, Emily!


Tara said...

Happy Birthday Emily! Great pictures. Looks like she had a wonderful birthday!

Lisa n Javi said...

Happy Birthday Emily!!

Jackie said...

Your Emily looks so happy! And your cupcakes look so yummy! ;) How does it feel that your "baby" turned four?

I'm the Mami said...

Happy Birthday to Emily, looks like lots of fun, great company and great presents too!