Monday, March 26, 2012

a little gift to myself

What is wrong giving yourself a gift?  I can't think of anything wrong with it.  That is why, several months ago, I signed up for Joy the Baker's "ENJOY" subscription.  (This link takes you to the January sign-up.  I assume she will have another sign-up soon, since the gifts have been received for the most current sign-up.  And, you can see on this link what I got in my first package.)

I can tell you that I was more than thrilled to see that there was an International option!  You just don't see that often.  It was only $5 more than the normal one, for the States!  So, for a total of $30, every 3 months, I get a little gift in the mail.  Exciting!

The other day I got the package slip from my mail boy.  Jorge came home with a box from King Arthur Flour.  I could tell before I even opened it that it would be pretty awesome! 

I opened the box to find a box inside full of goodies! Yay! 

Included was a big bag of double-dutch dark cocoa, a bag of chocolate sprinkles, cupcake lines (cute ones!), espresso powder, a silicon bowl scrapper, and a $10 gift card to use at King Arthur Flour!

Check out all the goodies!

Also, a recipe card was included.  Here is the front of it.

 Here is the back.

In another 3 months I will be getting another surprise!  Can't wait!  I just love getting stuff in the mail.  And, the fact that they are surprises, even better!  I just signed up through Paypal and it automatically takes out $30 before the packages are sent.  You can always cancel at anytime.  But, I can't see myself doing that anytime soon!

Just thought I would share, in case any of you other friends want to get in on the action. And, all you "international" friends, you can join too!


Leslie Limon said...

That is one awesome gift! I'm kind of jealous. And I will definitely look into signing up for the next one. (I checked the website and the next sign-up is at the end of April.)

We really do need to get together one of these days, maybe for a Joy the Baker party. You have the goodies and I should be getting her cookbook in the mail very soon. :)

I can't wait to see what yummy treats you make with your box of goodies.

Anonymous said...

Valarie, do you allow your readers to send you gifts?btw, I can follow you from my iPhone, anywhere I go!!Erika 8)

Stephanie G said...

I have got to sign up for this! Looks too delicious!!!

Jackie said...

Isn't it fun receiving packages? This one sure looks yummy!

rubireyes said...

That is awesome. And with an international option? I'm definitely going to look into that.

Valarie Ramirez said...

Leslie, we do need to get together! For sure!

Erika, You are too sweet! Your comments always make me smile! I don't expect anyone to ever send me anything, but I wouldn't turn anything down, either! :)

Stephanie, I recommend signing up! You never know what you will get! But, who doesn't love a surprise!?

Jackie, Yes! Love when I hear the mail boy ringing his little bell! We only get 1 to 2 pieces of mail a month. So, I know when I hear that bell, I am getting a package!

Jen, International was a surprise to me. And, only $5 more! You can't beat that!