Saturday, February 04, 2012

school recap!

I'm a day late, usually posting this on Friday, but I don't think I am going to get in trouble.  I haven't even been consistent with my Friday school recap postings.  So, I think it doesn't really matter when I post.

The girls have been gradually getting more and more into doing school.  Surprisingly, Emily asks to have school more than Bella does. 

Here are the girls drawing a picture of themselves  You already saw the finished product a few posts back.  Concentration was at an all time high!

We were learning about patterns the other day.  The patterns are very simple right now and they easily caught on.  They had to finish the pattern by coloring in the correct colors.

When we started a few months back, the I Can Cut workbook had them cutting simple straight lines, sometimes just one or two lines on a page.  Their cuts were pretty jagged.  Now, they are able to cut pretty straight lines and cut out an object with several different lines. 

Right now in all the books they are having the girls work on writing letters. They have introduced up to the number 8 or 9, but haven't had them practice writing them yet. So, while the girls can recognize their numbers, they haven't had much practice writing them. I printed out some worksheets that allowed them to practice.

The girls are progressing nicely.  If we can just keep the positive attitudes going, it will be great!


Heather Newport said...

Those numbers look really good, girls! By the way...I read that something like 2% of people make the number eight by drawing two circles. Everyone else makes it as one continuous loop. It looks like this worksheet is teaching them to be part of the 2% like me!

Jackie said...

I love their scissors!!! They look as though they could be used by a lefty. :)

Heather, I also write my number eight by drawing two circles. :)

Stephanie G said...

I love your blog posts about the homeschool. I wish I could find time to do my homeschool posts but, between work and fighting with 2 kids who are going through the Ï hate school!" stage, I am doing good to get them taught their lessons each day.

rubireyes said...

Looks like you get some great refrigerator art from your homeschooling. Their letters and numbers look better than my Juani's do!