Monday, February 13, 2012

hello, again

There are some weeks when nothing seems worth blogging about.  Or, life starts getting crazy and I seem to not want to make time to post something.

Last week my work load was a bit heavy due to our month closing.  Every month I deal with end of month, but last week was particularly crazy!  Hey, that is job security, right?  I can't complain!

And, I have been trying to eat a bit better and started using the Wii Fit, again.  I am bound and determined to lose some weight.  Baby steps...

But, today I did something that I thought I would share with all of you. 

I was laying in bed last night and was thinking about making Colbie (our dog) a dog house.  And then an idea popped into my head!  I could use one of the totes that we have laying around to make him one.  Hey, he is a chihuahua.  Definitely small enough to fit into a tote.

So, that is exactly what I did today.  I cut a hole in the side to form a doorway. 

And, since I was putting his electric bed inside, I cut a hole in the back for the cord.

We have been having some crazy weather that past few days.  My lovely friend, Leslie, says they call this month Febrero Loco (crazy February).  We have been here 4 years now and I haven't ever experienced this crazy weather before.  It usually doesn't rain at all this month, but it has been raining the past 3 days.  Today is the first day that it has been dry.  These clouds look like they could rain on or dry day.  I hope they just pass on through.

And, because Colbie is oh-so-smart, he drags his blankets out and lets them all get wet.  So, I am drying his blankets for him.  I'm sure he will appreciate the dry days.

If you were curious, Colbie is a fan of Hello Kitty, too!


rubireyes said...
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rubireyes said...

That is an adorable doggy house. I'm sure he appreciates it. And I love the post title. As soon as I read it I started humming.

Tara said...

What a clever idea! Colbie is a cutie!

Lisa n Javi said...

Great Idea. I hate the rain, it has been raining for like a week straight already here. Hope it clears out soon.