Wednesday, February 22, 2012

everything is painted!

Everything is painted except for the first room.  And, that is not likely to get painted.  It would look better, but moving everything in order to do it just seems like too much work!  That room is packed full of everything.

The house looks so different now.  I really don't know why it took so long for us to decide to paint.  If feels so much more homey and welcoming.  I love it!  Thankfully Jorge likes to paint.

The kitchen was last to be painted.  I'm still not sure about the color.  The green I had in my head is not what is on the wall.  But, picking out paint is not easy.  I figured once I get some things hanging on the wall, and just live with it for a while, it will grow on me.  Part of it is the cabinets.  The color of  the cabinets is not going well with the paint color.  Oh well.  I am definitely not having Jorge repaint.  And it isn't like we can change the cabinets.  You know if I could, I would.  :)

Well, you can view my old video here.

Now, take a look at how much different the house looks with paint on the walls.

I also appreciate the fact that you can lean on the wall and not feel like you are a walking chalkboard with chalk marks on you.


Amy Sacher said...

I love the paint job! I really like the colors you picked, the archways, the pillars, and the new location for the rubber mat! You have a nice home!! Thanks for sharing! :)

Tara said...

It looks wonderful! I love the paint. I love the green in the kitchen too! I am soooo bad at picking out paint colors. You guys did an awesome job! Thanks for sharing it with us.

Jackie said...

Everything looks great! I wish my man knew how to paint. I've been wanting to paint my kitchen and bathrooms forever, but I'm afraid to start the project and not be able to finish it. I like hearing your voice! :)

Anonymous said...

Awesome!(my 7yr old exclaimed)when he saw the bushes by the side of the door)he knows how much i love your blog!I say awesome too!Everything looks beautiful,i know how it is,picking colors is not easy,more when your at H.D.they have such a big selection.Thanks for sharing!!I even like how you fold your towels.Can you make a tutorial for us?You are so neat! Erika 8)

Anonymous said...

Great Job, Girlfriend!
I remember trying to choose paint colors on my own and it was hit-or-miss (I think you have all hits, though). And then Penny became my color-choice person, and she has been right on the money with everything.

My latest was painting my kitchen brown in January, as I was tired of the orange. Penny picked just the perfect shade for me.


rubireyes said...

You know I love this post. Your house is so gorgeous and I love your decorating tastes. I am seriously in awe of you and your home right now.

I'm the Mami said... it all! You do have great taste in picking colors that arent boring, but also wont clash. I want a house full of fiestaware colors, but could probably never figure out how to arrange them well enough.

I think the green is lovely, and love that you added a "pantry" next to the fridge. Gotta have room for all the good wholesome food your fam eats, right?

Hopefully when our place is built you will be willing to drop by the blog and give me decorating advice - you have auch a knack for it!! Lovve the girls room too, absolutely perfect!

Lisa n Javi said...

Great colors. Paint really makes a difference. Thanks for giving us a tour.