Thursday, February 16, 2012

it is all looking a bit familiar

My Valentine's Day was pretty darn good.  And, I don't think it had anything to do with that day being Valentine's Day. 

Jorge's boss gave him the week off work.  He actually worked on Monday, but Tuesday he was off.  And, he will be off until next week.  It is nice having him around.

So, Tuesday we went to look for some flowers to plant in the empty pots that I had sitting on my front patio.  We ended up buying three new flowers and two shrub/bush things to sit by our front door.  It is looking really nice.

At night, the flowers close like they are sleeping.  Pretty odd.
We ended up making a trip to Aguascalientes yesterday and bought the brown pots that they are sitting in.  Once Jorge transplanted them, I started to realize that our house is looking more and more like how we spiffed up our house in Indy.

Notice the trees/shrubs on either side of the garage.  And, the chairs on the front patio are pretty much the same.
We also bought a new dining room table from Cantia a few weeks ago.  We had it delivered and it finally showed up on Tuesday! 

Only problem is that there is a corner that has some damage.  We called the store to let them know and we are waiting to hear back from them.  I assume they will come and get this one and bring us a new one.

Even this table that we just bought looks similar to the style of table we had in our house in Indy.  While I do miss that house, this one is coming along quite nicely!

My nice, big kitchen in Indy.  And, look!  There is Bentley!  I miss him, too!
We finally bought the paint for the kitchen yesterday.  Soon you will get to see the new and improved house tour!  I feel really proud and happy about the house.  It is nice to feel like it is home.


Tara said...

I love the front of the house! You are such a great decorator! I could use some lessons... I love reading about everything you've done/are doing.

I'm the Mami said...

I will be following hour blog, we will start building our house eventually and I need ideas!

I am itching to plant something at my inlaws house until then though, it drives me NUTS to be here kn the city with nothing green ;)

Stephanie G said...

I love the shrubs beside the door, it defines the entrance, more.

Lisa n Javi said...

Love the new table. Cant wait to see the rest of the pics.

Jackie said...

Your flowers are beautiful...a sign that Spring is just around the corner. There's definetly a resemblance between your two houses. Very nice! :)