Monday, January 09, 2012

back amoung the living

I have been sick over the past several days.  The kind of sick where you just don't really want to get out of bed.  Yesterday was the first day where I felt OK.  Today, even better!

So, now you know why I have been absent lately in blog land.  But, I am back!

Being sick surely doesn't get me out of doing my routine of things, like cooking.  I mean, when you have two little mouths that won't stop, you have to continue to cooking and such.  So, this past week I have been making simple meals.  One was those Mexican pizzas that I made a short time ago.  I had been wanting them again since making them that first time.  They were just calling out to me. I ended up making them for lunch. Well, actually, I made one.  The girls weren't interested at all.  Fine with me!

I had a pound of beef that I seasoned with taco seasoning.  Making only one Mexican pizza doesn't take much of the meat.  The rest went into the refridgerator and I have been eating it little by little.

That leads me to what I have been obessed with for the past few days.  For some reason I have been craving food that I can add lettuce and sour cream to.  Don't know why!  And, that seasoned meat did the trick.  I ended up eating ALL the meat myself! HA!  I'm not afraid to admit it.

For the past several days, this is what I have been eating.  YUM!  Nothing special.   Just a soft taco.  And, I especially like that I have been using flour tortillas. Jorge isn't really a fan of the flour ones.  So, normally we have the corn ones around the house.  But, I prefer the flour.  So, why not keep those in stock, too!

I know.  Original idea, huh?  HA!  Steal my original idea if you like.  I won't blame you.  It looks good, right? 

Since my lips are so chapped, chapped beyond belief, due to my cold, I left off the salsa because I don't need them to be burning like someone set my lips on fire. 

Next up for today, FINALLY take down the Christmas tree.  :(


rubireyes said...

That looks like comfort food. I am in the land of the big fat corn tortillas, but I prefer the thin flour ones too.

Anonymous said...

Valarie, you are famous at my target:i find myself talking about you all the time 8) Iam so happy to have found your blog i just love it (i had commented that b4)you are so creative and neat>i can relate a little to/w you, see i live in a city where i really don't like(very close to the border)not great but gotten used to i guess> so yes i love target too>some people just don't get my love for target. Just wanted to let you know.Erika from Texas.