Monday, January 30, 2012

my little artists

In their Language Lessons workbooks, the girls are asked to narrate different subjects.  Afterwards, the workbook asks them to draw a picture of what they just talked about.

On the pages I am about to show you, their drawings are from two different lessons.  The top part of the page shows their favorite farm animal.  The bottom part of the page they were asked to draw themselves and, if they wanted, their family.

This first one is Bella's.  She is more elaborate than Emily with using different colors and more details.  I'm assuming it has everything to do with being 14 months older.  As I said, Bella picked a pig as her favorite farm animal.  She had seen a big pig that was colored similar to the one that is colored on the paper.  And, next to that one, you can see there are little pigs.  I know this because that was the scene when she saw them in real life. 

Towards the bottom of the page she drew herself.  But, true to her personality, she wasn't happy with how it looked and she kind of scribbled over it.

You can clearly see Emily's drawing style here.  She draws the basic shape and is still into coloring with one color.  And since blue is her favorite color, it is not surprising that she has colored her pigs all blue.  The round shape in the middle is a water bowl and all the shapes around the bowl are her piggies.  And, you can see two pigs towards the bottom that are lighter shade of blue.  Those are the mommy and daddy pigs.

And, she drew herself (left) and me (right).  She told me I was the one with the big head and no hair.  Then she decided that I could have hair and she colored hair on my head.  She is crazy!

Just wanted to share a little look at their art.


penny said...

<3 <-- (If that doesn't read as a heart when I publish this comment, that's what it's supposed to be.) :)

Stephanie G said...

Too cute! I loved that part of home schooling when the kids were smaller!

Anonymous said...

You can laminate these and store them in a keepsake box.8)Erika

Tara said...

I hope you are writing what Emily said on the back of her pic. One day you guys will laugh at her saying you are the one with the big head and no hair.... LOL

They both did an awesome job!!!!

Colin said...

I love both artworks and would absolutely hang them in my office. And you can tell Bella and Emily I said so!