Friday, January 27, 2012

blogging block

It has been almost a week since I have posted anything.  I have just been doing my normal thing around the house. 

We have been doing school.  And, you know I normally take the pictures on Friday for my blog, but today the girls were just not cooperating and I didn't feel like "capturing" the day.  Not all homeschooling days are good ones.  Thankfully, most are, though.

So, I just wanted to let you know that I hope to have something good to write about soon. 

I did have a really great day yesterday.  I called up Leslie and had such a awesome chat for almost 2 hours!  Her and I were just meant to be BFFs!  :)  I have now officially changed from a "cyber" friend of hers to a REAL friend!

But, I don't think that is really interesting to most of you.  So, instead, I will leave you with a picture of me that Emily took a while back.  I know I don't really put pictures of myself on here.  I am the "behind the scenes" kind of gal.  But, you can use this to keep the mice away! :)

I did have Jorge cut my hair a few days ago.  I trust him a million times more than anyone here in town.  I haven't had good luck with haircuts here.  My hair is now back to shoulder length.  Basically, just like in this picture.

I'll be back soon, hopefully.


rubireyes said...

Wow what beautiful blue eyes you have Valarie. Now I know where your girls get their good looks from.

Anonymous said...

You have natural beauty,don't need make-up!Erika 8)

Jackie said...

It's amazing how much your girls resemble you! :)

I'm the Mami said...

Wow, Im totally jealous that you and Leslie are reall BFFs. You are both great bloggers ( and I assume great people IRL too!)

Love the blog!