Saturday, January 21, 2012

the girls' room is finished

Last night Jorge finished painting the girls' room.  It looks cute.  Very cotton candy-like.  Which, I really wasn't going for that exact look, but it ended up looking cute anyway.

The girls are both happy with the colors that I picked out.  They said "pink" and "blue" and I picked the actual shade of each color.

I already showed you the color I was going for with the pink.  But, here is what my inspiration color was for the blue.  The one in the picture has a bit more of a greenish tint, but I wanted that light, girly blue.

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But, the paint is up.  The girls are happy and I love that it is so much more colorful in their room.

I really would like to make a headboard for their bed.  I was thinking something like this.

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It looks easy enough.  I already have some fabric that would be super cute!

These pictures aren't the best.  But, for now, they are good enough to show you the room.  Tomorrow we are headed to Aguascalientes.  Jorge is going to take me to dinner and a movie for my birthday (which is Monday).  Since we will be there, of course, we will stop in at the Home Depot and get the paint for the kitchen.  Maybe we will pick up some wood for that headboard!

Once that is done, I am going to make another video of the house!  I'm excited to show you have it looks so much better than those nasty blank walls.


julie said...

This is beautiful!!!! I'm sure the girls love it!

Stephanie G said...

Love the room!!! Happy early birthday!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Valarie!!! You are my favorite blogger!I love how you decorated the girls room, it is so neat and organized !!Enjoy your day precious Valarie! Erika 8)

Lisa n Javi said...

Happy Birthday!! Love the girls room. And the yarn balloons turned out cute.

rubireyes said...

Beautiful Valarie. The colors complement each other perfectly.

I'm the Mami said...

Love love it! Cant wait to give my girlies a room when our house is done :)