Thursday, January 05, 2012

Rosca de Reyes in the house!

Tomorrow is Three Kings Day (or in Spanish El Dia de los Reyes Magos or you may know it as Epiphany).  I admit, that before a few days ago, I had no idea about this holiday.  I heard about it when my friend, Leslie, was talking about it on Facebook.  She sent me her blog link that explained how it was celebrated here in Mexico.

I told her that we don't really do any sort of Mexican traditions in our house.  It seems it is all American.  I'm not against learning about the Mexican culture.  And, it would be nice, living here and all, if the girls would learn some things.  Leslie suggested that I go out and buy the traditional Rosca de Reyes and start the tradition.

I guess it was meant to be because this morning, right before Jorge left for work, he was telling me about a home remedy to help my soar throat/cold, when we heard a car horn honking out front.  He went to see who it was and saw his uncle (he owns the bakery right down the street) holding a very large box. 

Last night, he had seen his uncle and his uncle asked him something.  But, because his uncle was wearing a scarf over his mouth, Jorge didn't understand what he asked.  I guess assuming what he said, Jorge answered with a "yes". 

We found out what the question was this morning!  He had asked Jorge if he wanted a Rosca de Reyes.  So instead of going and buying the bread, the bread made it's way to me.  Funny!

I wanted to show you how large this thing is.  We are going to have to have the whole neighborhood to help finish it off!  I set the gallon of milk in the box to show you scale.

And, if the gallon of milk wasn't enough, below you can see a picture of the girls sitting at the green table.  You can see that there are two cupcake pans and they are still smaller than the bread!  Wowza!

I have never had, nor seen, this type of bread before.  But, let me tell you.  When I took the lid off so I could take a picture, the smell is WONDERFUL!  So sweet!  I can't wait to try it.  Now we have to round up some more people to help eat it!


Tara said...

It looks delicious! You'll have to report back on how it tasted. We were just at the Mexican market the other day and I saw one of these and just thought it was a SUPER HUGE sweet bread. HA! Now I know for the future. Have fun celebrating!

Estrellita said...

That looks amazing! And huge. An uncle with a bakery? That's a dream come true. Feliz Dia de Reyes Magos!

Leslie Limon said...

Looks like you guys got one of the small ones! LOL Kidding! That about the normal size. You can find smaller, but since they're to share with the whole family, this is the most popular size. :)

rubireyes said...

That looks delicious. I've never seen anything like that before. Enjoy!

Lisa n Javi said...

I woke u to this also. When I came out of the bedroom this morning there is was sitting on the table. Still have yet to try it though.

Jackie said...

So did you like the taste of it? I think it tastes like "Pan de Muertos" which I like too. What did your girls think of it?

julie said...

Someone at work was talking about this on Friday and I had never heard about it...then I saw this! What does it taste like?