Monday, September 05, 2011

ready for school

I mentioned a while back that I decided to homeschool the girls.  I know everyone has their own opinion about homeschooling.  And that is OK.  But, there were several factors that lead me to the decision.  And I'm really excited about it.

After talking with quite a few friends that currently homeschool, I feel very informed and ready to take on this challenge.  My friend, Cutzi, sent me a boatload of resources and out of those I have bought a preschool curriculum package from Timberdoodle Company.  I had to add a bunch of addition material/workbooks to the core package so that Bella and Emily could have their own things.

I wanted to get a nice area set-up so we could all enjoy doing our schoolwork.  I rearranged the room so we could have a bigger area to work in.  Plus, I want to put up some posters with letters, numbers, etc.  Although I love rearranging, I blame this on Cutzi, too.  She was update her school area and got me in the mood. 

I did find a fun little chalkboard yesterday at Cantia.  That was the highlight of the day for the girls.  They really like it.  I hope to make this as fun as possible for them (and me).

Here is a full view of their "schoolroom".  I had to piece together the pictures because my lens isn't wide enough to get the full view.

I was even smart about it as far as not spending money.  I'm really good at spending money.  But, I took one of those shelves out of the living room and used it in here.  I needed more storage space.  Now we have all our craft/art/school supplies organized.  We have paints, colored rice, flashcards, paintbrushes, markers, chalk, books and coloring books.

I'm leaving the two empty cubbies for the girls' workbooks and such.  That way they can put their stuff in their own little space. All the stuff I ordered is at my mom's house.  Once we get back from the States we will start "school".

Here is the other shelf that has the rest of the items.  Construction paper, board game, Mr. Potato Head, blocks, Playdoh, crayons, scissor and glue and other misc. items.

Other than doing school, I need to get the girls in the habit of putting things back where they go.  That is truly the most challenging task for them.

I'm still surprised about how excited I am to start homeschooling.  I think the girls will really enjoy it.


Tara said...

Congratulations on a terrific looking classroom! You did a great job! I think homeschooling is wonderful. I would do it in a heartbeat if needed. You'll be an awesome teacher! I hope you'll continue to blog about it and keep us updated on what homeschooling is like in Mexico.

julie said...


Your school looks awesome! I'm so excited to hear about it when it starts.

Stephanie G said...

Hi Valerie! I used to homeschool in the US but, have been told that you can't do that here.

Can you tell me the process, please? I would really love to homeschool my children here, also.