Sunday, September 11, 2011

bulk food problem

Yesterday we went to Aguascalientes.  I think that was the third week in a row that we went over there.  Not that I am complaining or anything.  Yesterday we had a bigger purpose than just going shopping.  Not that that isn't a big enough purpose.  We needed to take my sister-in-law, Erika, to the airport there.

And, since we were already there, we should hit up Sam's Club!  I seem to be a sucker for bulk food.  I think it is just that I have it in my head that we won't be going back to "the city" for a handful of weeks and I want to make sure I grab what I think I might need.  It's has become a problem.

We *had* to buy another shelving unit at Home Depot so I could put all my stuff somewhere.  There is no pantry in this house.  I have three small cabinets that I use for food.

One for boxed, canned and misc. items.

One for chips, pretzels and bagged stuff.

And, one for all my assortment of pastas, salt, vinegar and other such items.

As you see, those cabinets are small.  There isn't much room for all the things I buy.

Not only do I have an issue of bulk buying (I mean, it's Sam's Club, there is no other choice), I have an issue of when I find something in a store that I usually don't see, I buy tons of them.  (Notice how many boxes of cake mix I have.  It is because I saw strawberry cake mix.  You don't see that here hardly at all.  So, my thought was buy a lot and the store will see that they are selling.)

Here is the new shelving unit with all our extras. 

The worst is the fridge.  Or, more like the freezer. 

I just can't help myself.  I swear my mentality is like stocking up for a blizzard.  I just feel compelled to buy everything!   

Here are a few goodies that I got yesterday.

CHEESE!  Who doesn't love cheese?  And, in my local grocery stores, it is hard to find certain cheese.  Some of the Mexican cheeses are decent substitutes.  But, if I can find the original, I'm buying it!  I got mozzarella, Monterrey jack, cheddar, Gruyere and Parmesan.  These are pretty big blocks.  I just cut them up and freeze them individually. When I need a block, I take it out of the freezer and stick in the fridge to thaw out.

And, this is really exciting.  I got a good recipe from a friend for some breakfast sausage, but I do too many things from scratch.  Finding something where it is like a shortcut is a jackpot!  So, this is great!  I had found some breakfast sausages at Costco, but they were the ready to serve kind.  Just warm them up.  Those kind aren't good for making biscuits and gravy because they don't produce enough fat.   As you can see, these are pre-cooked sausage! 

And, last, a new find!  Bagels!  I miss bagels.  And, I have looked online for recipes to make them, but they are all very involved so I have never tried.  Now I don't have to.  These keep in the freezer.  I pop one out, put it in the toaster and voila, you have a nice bagel ready for a frosting of cream cheese!  Or, the other day I made a bagel, egg, bacon and cheese breakfast sandwich.  I'm wild and crazy, I know.

Oh, how I love Sam's Club.  Although, there are products at Costco that I wish I could find at Sam's.  I am seeing a membership to both places in the near future.  Just remember, I have a problem. 


Leslie said...

Hold on a second, while I wipe all of the drool off my face! :P (And I just put my make-up on too!) :P

First things first...POP TARTS??!! You have POP TARTS!!! I'll be right over! :) (I wish!)

Okay...I don't know what I'm drooling over more. Could be the cheeses. Or the sausages. Or maybe even those bagels. (I really wish we were neighbors, so I could join you for breakfast.)

And is that a sub-type sandwich I see on top of your new shelving unit? (More drooling!)

Damn, I'm hungry!!! LOL

Tara said...

Funny! My parents have a similar problem.... They are addicted to couponing. Their pantry and fridge are stock piled because they are purchasing EVERYTHING they have a coupon for. When ever I am low and short on time, I use their pantry as a mini convenience store since they live closer to me than a store. LOL
I wouldn't mind coming and eating breakfast at your house either!

Estrellita said...

Wow! That looks like my kitchen, but I run a catering business out of my home. I am so happy to know that there is Skippy and French's mustard in Mexico. Those are two things I wouldn't be able to live without.

Stephanie G said...

You found Cheddar cheese?! The only one I have found here in Monterrey is a cheese substitute made of 98% vegetable oil and tastes like 100% oil! No FAIR!!! WAHHHHHHH!! I want cheddar! LOL
I guess, I am going to have to go on a search around the city next payday.