Monday, September 26, 2011

package love

The other day I was sitting at my desk working when I heard the mail guy ring his little bell to indicate that I had something.  I was EXCITED!

I might have mentioned before, but the only time we get mail here is when we get the Telmex bill (it has our phone, DSL and Dish Network charges on it) once a month and when we get our electric bill, which we get every other month.  So, one month we get two bills.  The next we get one bill.  And, he never rings his bell to give us the bills.  He just throws them into our patio area.

When I hear that bell it usually indicates a package slip.  The normal protocol is he gives me a piece of paper that we have to take to the post office and pick up the package.  The mail guy is a guy that rides around on a bike, with a small basket on the front.  So, you can image that he is not going to bring me packages.

But, on this day, he did!  Three of them!  WOW!

I had ordered some books off of Amazon and just had them shipped here.  In just 3 short weeks I will be visiting the States for 3 weeks.  I have already ordered a crap load of stuff and it is sitting at my mom's house just waiting for me.  I figured there is enough stuff there already, plus I will buy stuff while I am there.  So, having it mailed here just seemed like a better idea.

I ordered two art books to supplement our homeschooling curriculum, two "picky eaters" children's cookbooks, a cookbook for me and a teach your child to read book.

Five out of six of my books got here within 2 weeks!  That is awesome!  Amazon sent three shipments out and I got two of them on the same day. 

The Little Hands Art Book and Preschool Art

No Whine with Dinner and The Toddler Cafe

On top of those Amazon orders, my cool friend, Julie, sent me a package!  So sweet!  And, such a nice surprise.

She sent some workbooks, flashcards, writing paper, stickers and these really cool little "stained glass" coloring books.  The paper is opaque so when you color it, you can hang in on the window and the sun will shine through. Like stained glass.  So cool!

And the big hit item with me were these fall gel window stickers.  How cute are they?

We need more windows in the house!


Stephanie G said...

So cool, the last time my family sent me something, it took 3 months to get here. How does your family send you packages?

Valarie said...

We always use the US Post Office. My mom either sends it in the Priority Flat Rate Box or she just packages it up herself. My friend sent it in a padded envelope. Her package took 10 days to get here. She mailed it on 9-10 and I got it 9-20.

Whatever the packaging material, we always use Priority. It is pretty inexpensive, too.

Lisa n Javi said...

Love all the window decorations and those coloring pictures are so cool.

Anonymous said...

i love, love your blog! Erika from TX

Valarie said...

Lisa, aren't those too cute! I had never seen those types of coloring pages before. That is one of the problems living in Mexico. We don't have all the cool, fun things like the States! Luckily my mom and friends keep me in the loop.

Erika! Thanks! That is so sweet. Glad you are reading. :)