Wednesday, September 07, 2011

fall is coming

My all time favorite time of year is fall.  Spending most of my life in Indiana, I am used to fall being cooler temperatures, leaves changing colors on all the trees and all those lovely fall goodies, like fall scented candles, pumpkin pies, etc.

As you know, I don't live in Indiana right now.  And, there aren't any pretty trees to look at.  Most days we have sunny, warm weather.  However, the overnight temperatures are starting to drop.  And, for some reason, our rainy season is still going on. 

Yesterday and the day before it has been rather cool in the house.  I'm loving it.  This past weekend I bought a candle at Home Depot.  Apple Harvest.  That fall-like apple scent is my favorite. 

I've been burning the candle non-stop. It smells really good and works well.  Sometimes you buy candles and they really don't have a very strong scent.  This one does, thankfully.

Even though it is not officially fall yet, in my book it is close enough.  The girls and I did a few crafts yesterday and the day before to add a little fall decorations to the house.

Two days ago we made Indian Corn.  Well, a Mexican version since I only had bright colored tissue paper.  But, it still looks fall-like.  And we had fun making them.

Yesterday we made leaves.  We all colored some and then I glued them onto strips of brown construction paper and hung them over our chalkboard.

I need to buy some fall decorations when I visit the States.  Just one more thing on my list to buy.


julie said...

I love it! You are awesome.

(I like their initials, too!)

Tara said...

You guys are so creative! All the fall decorations look great! Fall is my favorite time of year as well.