Monday, September 19, 2011

little chicks

Yesterday the girls went downtown with their grandma.  When they walked back to our house, I noticed that they were each holding a clear plastic bag.  Inside Emily's was something blue and inside Bella's was something yellow.

I asked what they had and they held up the bag and showed me two little chicks.

What are we going to do with these two chicks?  The blue is a nice size.  Ready to leave the "nest".  The yellow one, on the other hand, is so tiny still.  He can't even keep himself warm.  I don't think they should have sold him yet. 

Last night it was like having a newborn again.  I got up throughout the night and kept checking on the crying yellow one.  I put a heating pad in a box for him so he wouldn't freeze to death.  We don't really play with him because he is just too little.  And, for being so little, he sure is quick. 

The blue one is ultra friendly.  If you put him on the ground, he will run towards your feet.  If you put your hand out, he will run and jump in the palm of your hand.  And, of course, when you set him back down in the box, he cries like a baby.  Right now he is in the closet because his chirps are so loud.

Now to figure out if we are keeping these guys or what.  I read on-line how to care for them.  If we are keeping them, when Jorge gets home, we are going to have to make a trip to the store to get supplies and proper equipment for them.


Estrellita said...

They are so cute! Is the blue one dyed, or it that his natural color?
My Grandpa got new chicks every Spring and kept them in a box under a warming light until they were big enough to be outdoors. I loved holding them. Thanks for taking me back to such a happy time.

Valarie said...

Yeah, they died the little blue guy. If we keep them, we definitely need to buy a warming lamp, especially for the little yellow one.

They are really fun. I was quite surprised how they aren't afraid of you. If I picked up the blue one now, he would just let me hold him the whole day.

Valarie said...

Oops, "dyed" not "died"... LOL!

Tara said...

This post made me happy! (which i needed.... but that's a whole other story) They are so cute! I wonder if they will lay eggs one day? Keep us updated on if your keeping them or not. alate

julie said...

they are so cute!

are dyed chickens a common thing?

Jackie said...

I wonder how they dye them. The blue chick is beautiful and I feel sorry for the little yellow one. They're lucky to have found a home with your family.

penny said...

oh my god... I'd be so mad if Veda brought home ANOTHER PET! I have a tough time with two cats and a dog. You're amazing... They are super cute though. :)