Wednesday, September 14, 2011

another fall craft project

I've been extremely in the mood for fall.  I wish outside reflected what fall looks like.  The weather at night here is perfect fall weather.  Now, we just need a little fire pit.  I saw one at either Sam's or Home Depot the other day.  I really have my eye on it.  It would be great to have!

Anyway, the girls are happy that we are nearing Halloween.  And, while we really aren't even officially in fall, nor are we in the month of Halloween, I figure it is not too early to start getting excited for it.

We made some contact paper/tissue paper pumpkins today.  I made a template of a pumpkin on a piece of cardstock paper and cut it out.  Then I cut little squares of contact paper.  And, cut some pieces of clear contact paper.

On one of the contact paper sheets, you place the template you cut out.  Decorate it with the squares of tissue paper.  Then sandwich it between another piece of contact paper. 

And, you have a cute faux glass art work to hang on the window.

We had fun doing it.  It takes longer to prep for the project than the actual time it takes to do it.  But, I think the outcome is great. Plus, they can be reused next year!


Cutzi said...

These are adorable Val!

Also, have been loving your posts lately.. (especially when you give me a little shout-out. ;-) but since I read through a reader I don't always take the time to click over and comment. Just wanted you to know I'm reading and enjoying!

Tara said...

Wow! How cute are those pumpkins! Do you come up with this stuff yourself??? They came out great! I might attempt this project. Thanks for giving us the instructions.

penny said...

Super cute! And I am not a crafty mom so I am going to steal your idea. :) I wonder if Veda is too small to do this... Love what B and E did!