Saturday, November 24, 2012

Indy visit -- playground

The girls spent quite a bit of their time at the playground.  Most of the time, Mamaw and Papaw were more than willing to go over there with them.  I guess it never got old to either of them.

Me, I went a few times with them.  This particular day, I wanted to get some pictures.  The girls were good sports about posing for me.  And, I even got in a few of the pictures myself.  (That was one of many reasons why I lost weight...I didn't want to be embarrassed when getting my picture taken.)  Now, I am mostly comfortable in front of the camera, instead of always being behind it.

The girls are standing in Mamaw's and Papaw's backyard.  You can see the building in the background is the school.  So close!

A snapshot of all of us on our short walk to the playground.

Taking a minute to get a picture taken before the girls start playing..

This year, the girls mastered this little rock climbing wall at the playground.

Emily is about to climb over and make her way down on the other side.  No fear.

Picture perfect photo opportunity.

The girls took turns taking a photo with me.  Bella let us know when she was taking the picture.  It turned out really well.

As you can see, Emily is just as wild when taking pictures.  No warning at all.  I'm talking and Bella has her eyes closed.  Oh well!  Good enough.  :)

Playing, playing, and more playing!

They were really good subjects this day.  Throughout the trip, in general, I would try to get them to let me take their picture.  They got annoyed with me half the time.  As I have admitted before, I'm not a good candid picture taker.  I need the posers.

Wishing we had a nice playground around these parts.  We do have one right down the street.  But, as expected, it is not very nice and the sun makes the metal equipment more like a frying pan than a playground.

More picture coming soon!

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