Friday, November 23, 2012

Indy Visit -- all around

We stayed for 4 weeks in Indy.  Seems like a long time, but time went by so quickly.  I wanted to see everyone multiple times but that just didn't happen.  Weekends were limited and I also made a few trips over to Ohio for work.

But, we did get around to seeing most everyone and I was able to have lots of adult-only time!  I more than appreciate the fact that my parents were more than willing to keep the girls entertained while I went with friends and shopping solo!

Mamaw and Papaw bought Bella a new bike.  She got good use out of it while we were there.  The weather cooperated for the most part.

My parents live right next to an elementary school.  The playground was a very popular spot with the girls.  I bet they were over there at least 3 times a day.

While getting out scarves, hats, and gloves, we found one of daddy's hats.  Emily made use of it for the cooler days.  Or, just wearing it around the house.

Papaw was the fire-maker!  I think he made at least 6 fires for the girls to enjoy.

The fire is going now!

The fire wasn't enough to keep the girls warm.  They had to have an extra layer of blanket on top of all their clothes.

And, what's a fire without marshmallows?

Of course, we made our way to Chuck E. Cheese!  What would a trip to the States be without that place!?  Bella is in the light blue shirt.

We went with friends to a large, fun park on the northside of Indy called Holliday Park.  It was warm that day!  Unusually warm for Indy.  I think it was 80 F that day.  Great park weather!

Bella experienced some major static!

Emily enjoyed going down the barrel slides.  She is right at home in a jungle gym park!  She is a monkey, you know!

The girls posing for me outside of a friend's house.  We thought we had stumbled upon the Smurf village when we found the big mushroom that you can see by their feet.

Emily playing hopscotch on the driveway.  The girls were outside all the time.

One of my adult outings, I went zip lining with some great friends.  The place was at Eagle Creek, called Go Ape.  I think it is still open through the end of the year.  The weather was perfect.  It was a bit challenging since I'm not in love with heights.  But, it was a blast!  This is a shot of me (on the left) with Katie up in the trees.  And, since I am all about embarrassing myself, take a look at video of me failing to stick the landing, again!

We also went bowling!  We play at home on the Wii all the time.  But, the girls had never done the real thing.

The bowling alley let us use this neat device to help the girls get the ball going a little faster than just rolling it.  Very convenient and helpful!

Mamaw made sure to bake up a storm with the girls.  They made spritz cookies with sprinkles.  My favorite!

Mamaw had to help a bit.  She was quality control.

So, now you have seen some random things we did.  More to come!

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