Saturday, November 24, 2012

Indy visit -- Indianapolis Zoo!

We went to the Indianapolis Zoo when we were in town.  Before we left, I had stumbled upon a zoo passport book idea on Pinterest.  Instead of using the one I found, I went straight to the source, which was on Disney Family's website.  What a great idea!

I printed a book for each of the girls and had them color their pages.  In the front, it has their name, a picture of them, and the date and zoo we went to.  I figured it would be a great keepsake for them to have.

They were having ZooBoo at the zoo.  They had decorations all around.  And, I saw several kids dressed up  in their Halloween costumes.  Emily and Bella fit in because they are animals! :)

The girls liked when the animals would pose with them for the pictures.

Here are some of the decorations that the zoo had out.

 Bella wanted to get a picture with the polar bear.  And, as you see, Emily wasn't willing to cooperate.

This was under the huge swimming pool for the dolphins.  The dolphin show was awesome!  That was probably our favorite part of the zoo.

These little guys were crazy. They seemed like a nervous wreck.

Bella with the flamingos.

Emily cooperating and letting me take her picture with the flamingos.

There was a baby elephant at the zoo.  I think they said he was born in June or July.  He just kept running around wanting to play.  The girls got a kick out of him.

Getting my turn in front of the camera with the girls.

Here are Mamaw and Papaw with the girls.  The day was perfect for our zoo trip.

The girls thought these were funny.  This was right outside of the bird houses.  You walk into a huge cage with all the birds.

The birds are all around you.  And, they don't know what personal space is.

Emily loved that this bird was trusting enough to sit on her arm.

And, remember that personal space I mentioned.  This bird needs to learn about it.

Remember those zoo passport books I mentioned?  Well, Emily was over-the-moon excited because there was a snake that looked exactly like the one she colored in her book.

There were some blank pages in the back of the passport book for animals that we saw that weren't already in the book.  Bella took advantage and drew some animals in the back of hers.  Here she is drawing a bald eagle.

What did I tell you about Bella and Emily fitting in?  This is basically them looking in a mirror!

Another fun day in Indy!

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gaby said...

I love seeing all your posts on your tip and I'm glad you guys had fun. And congrats on loosing so much weight! You have inspired me to keep going and all I can say is you look amazing! :)