Monday, November 26, 2012

Indy visit -- Halloween

One of the main reasons we visit the States when we do is because of Halloween.  Living in a small town in Mexico, that holiday is not really celebrated here.  If we lived in a larger city, it might not be such an issue. 

The girls LOVE Halloween.  What kid doesn't?  A day that you can dress up as your favorite character and get candy by the loads!?  Sign me up!

And, carving the pumpkins has always been a highlight, too.  I love taking the seeds and roasting them.  Plus, just that time of year, when the leaves are turning, there is a chill in the is my favorite time of year.  So, why not go at that time of year?!

Mamaw and Papaw took charged and helped the girls carve the pumpkins.

Emily loves getting her hands dirty.  She separated all the seeds from the goopy insides of the pumpkin.

She drew a face that was a bit challenging for Papaw to cut out.

Bella seemed like an old pro drawing a face on her pumpkin.

And, you see she isn't into the dirty hands.  She opted to use a scoop to get the slimy parts out of her pumpkin.

And, finally dressing up for Halloween.

Bella wanted to be all the things that had about 2 inches of fabric involved.  She eventually settled on a wearable unicorn.  Emily, true to form, choose to be a superhero.  Ironman!

We met up our usually friends and headed out to get lots of candy!  Here are the girls with their friend, Alex!

Running to the houses to get candy!

And, the running continued!  They burnt enough energy to balance out eating some of that candy.

It was a bit chilly that night, but overall, Halloween was really fun this year!

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