Friday, November 23, 2012

Indy Visit -- Children's Museum

I figured I better get around to posting some of our trip here on the blog.  It has been ages since I have posted anything.  And, already two weeks since we have been back.

Our visit to the States was really fun and action packed this year.  Each year the trip becomes more easy and fun.  (Less guilt for leaving daddy behind...not that we have a choice in bringing him along.)  And, with the girls being older now, they remember things and request to do everything.  We try to cram as many things as possible into a short trip.

Like the past year, we went to the Children's Museum.  The place is huge and there is a lot to see!  We soaked as much up as we could.

When we first walked up the stairs, Emily spotted Spiderman and, of course, wanted her picture with him.

Another photo op with the polar bear.

Mamaw and Emily posing for me.

Emily on the construction equipment.  Just where she belongs.

 They had a Hot Wheels exhibit while we were in town.  It was really cool.

Of course Mamaw took the girls on the carousel.

Some lady asked if we wanted our picture taken together.  Glad she thought of it and offered. 

Emily is driving!  Clear the roads!  Luckily for Bella, this taxi is stationary.

 It would be unacceptable to not have an Indy car in the Indianapolis Children's Museum.

The girls on a dig.

Playing in the kid-friendly zone.

Emily couldn't get enough of playing in the little house with all the fake food.

The girls posing next to one of the Hot Wheels cars.

And, for all of those of you that haven't seen a before and after picture of me (since I was waiting for my "reveal" for my visit to the States), here is my Before/After picture.  Of course, I have it in the wrong order.  The two pictures were taken a year apart.  The "before" picture was last October.

Hopefully I can keep the posts coming.  I have lots of pictures to post.

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