Wednesday, April 04, 2012

sweet treat

These girls of mine get their sweet tooth honestly.  Mostly Bella, though.  That girl gets up thinking about sweets.  Of course, I don't allow her much more than a few sweet items a day.  Not only are they not good for her, she has a sensitive stomach.  Sweets + Bella = puke.  Yeah, I know.  Gross!

Emily, she enjoys a few sweet things here and there.  But, mostly, she likes salty things.  Fine.  But, that doesn't slow her down from asking for cookies and candy.

And, me.  My sweet tooth has been deprived of sweets lately due to my major desire to lose weight.  As you know, I have been searching Pinterest looking for easy, semi-healthy, sweet treats.  Just something that is enough to calm the sweet tooth cravings.

I found one that looked promising.  Frozen chocolate-peanut butter covered bananas.  Sounds yummy and simple!  Yesterday, I whipped up some.  I ended up using some milk chocolate and semi-sweet chocolate chips.  Melt those with the peanut butter, dip the cut-up bananas, and wham!  Pretty good sweet treat!

Here is the thing.  Emily doesn't like bananas.  Weird, I know.  But, she doesn't.  She ate the Gerber banana baby food when she was little.  But, after that, she said adios to bananas.  I was wondering if she would notice that they were bananas under that chocolate.

I gave each of the girls one and they both made noises to indicate that they LOVED them. 

Emily asked, "What are they?".  Of course, loud-mouthed Bella said, "Bananas!".  After she already ate one, Emily didn't want anymore.  She got made and said she didn't like bananas! 

Oh well.  I guess I will have to find another fruit to cover for her.


Stephanie G said...

I lov efrozen banana pops so, I have to try this, peanut butter makes everything better!!!!

julie said...

Chocolate + Peanut Butter + Bananas = Always a happy occasion for me. These look awesome!!!