Monday, April 16, 2012

food fail

Last night, I tried a new recipe that I found via Pinterest.  It was a way of eliminating the "crust" from a pizza.  The picture that was included on the woman's blog was delicious looking!  Here it is below.  Take a look!  I can say that her picture makes me drool!

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When I decide if I am going to try out a new recipe, I usually read through all comments on the blog, just to see what other people think, if they altered the recipe, and so forth.  It looked promising.

Wrong!  OK, well, it wasn't horrible.  It just wasn't pizza crust.  At all!  I was a little mislead because when I read through the comments, it seemed it was a pretty good substitute.  Well, it isn't.  It changes the taste completely.  It doesn't taste like you are eating pizza.  Which, it might just be me, but I would rather eat one slice of a really good pizza, rather than a few of a lower calorie pizza.

So, just wanted to throw this review out for any of my Pinterest "followers" that might have had their eye on this "substitute" crust.  I would just say PASS!


Anonymous said...

Oh no! I made homemade pizza a couple of weeks ago and yuck! It was horrible and burned on the bottom and raw on top. I agree. This is why we buy pizza.

I'm the Mami said...

Wow. That picture looks so yummy, how sad it didnt turn out well.

:( i agree, rather eat a tiny bit of a good thing than a lot of a yucky one.

Valarie Ramirez said...

Cheryl! I saw on FB that you attempted and seemed to fail at the homemade pizza! LOL!

Yes, I totally agree that buying pizza is an awesome way to go. But, here in my small town, the pizza shops are subpar! YUCK! I have found a few good dough recipes, just trying to cut back on the calories, you know!

Mami! Yes, sad indeed! It looked good when I pulled it out of the oven. And, the toppings, of course tasted fine. Just the crust, it wasn't really a crust. It formed like one, just didn't resemble the taste of crust at all.

I will just have to revert back to my real crust pizza!

rubireyes said...

I would have tried that recipe based on the picture as well. Too bad it wasn't any good.