Tuesday, April 03, 2012

one closet equals a hot mess

I have mentioned before that we only have one closet in this house.  And, the design of it is horrible.  It is shaped more like a hallway than a closet.  We have made the most out of it.  Jorge built a rack that holds our shoes.  On top of that rack we have all our jeans and pants.  You can see there are two rows to hang clothes on.  Those weren't even there when we moved in.  Jorge installed those.  Behind the rows of hanging clothes are two shelves. 

When this is all the storage space you have, it equals a big, hot mess when it comes to storing/sorting out clothes for the girls.  I just gradually remove clothes that are too small or out of season, put them in a bag/small trash bag, and throw them behind all those hanging clothes.

Let me tell you, it is NOT a very good organization system.  There is no organization at all!

So, today, when I decided to go through their clothes, put some winter clothes away and bring out the shorts, I have all these bags to sort through.

I wish there was a Goodwill or something around here to instantly be able to get rid of things I don't want.  And, I need something to organize from here on out!  I need another closet!  Maybe Pinterest can help me out with this, too! 

If you need me, I will be sorting through all the clothes.


rubireyes said...

What is with that? We have no closets in our house either.

Stephanie G said...

My MIL has no closets in her house either!!! Not even one, we have all of our clothes in our dressers and on a shelf. I hate it!!!

Lisa n Javi said...

We have one closet in the house but it is filled with curtains and bedspreads. Javi has been saying we will build a small closet in our room for months now, I have finally given up on that idea.

Leslie Limon said...

Closets? I kind of remember that word, but I'm not sure anymore. It's been so long since I've seen an actual closet. LOL :P

Seriously, when you're finished organizing your house, you NEED to come do mine. :)