Thursday, April 12, 2012

easter pictures for mamaw and papaw

I am not good at snapping candid pictures.  I'm more of the type to have the girls "pose".  That makes holiday pictures, like Christmas morning and hunting for Easter eggs, not so easy for me.  I just can't get good pictures.

So, this is as good as it gets.  Here are the few pictures that I took of the girls.  They ambushed the small little baskets that the "Easter bunny" brought.  (I was last minute in throwing them together.  Hopefully they will have better ones next year!)

The girls seemed to have a blast!  Also, I have already asked my mom to get me some more eggs.  We only have 20 and these girls find them in a hot second.  I need to have more, and hide them in more challenging places. 

Oh, and don't hate on Bella for winning the award for best bedhead! :)  Emily's looks good, but not as good as Bella's.

They hit up the Easter baskets first.  Both were happy with their identical bunnies.  And, they do fight over which bunny is theirs.  I tied different color bows around each bunny, but they took them off.  What can you do?

Emily is happy with all the candy she has scored.  And, we haven't even collected all the candy-filled eggs yet!

Emily attacking the entertainment center.  It seemed I didn't hide the eggs well enough.

Bella stepped in a little too late.  Although, these girls were surprisingly nice with sharing the eggs they found.

Emily scoring a few more eggs.

Bella made the rounds in the kitchen.  Here is a good look at the bedhead!

Somehow they each ended up with half of the eggs.  I don't think I could have planned that.  But, that was due to their "sharing".  Sometimes they are sweet to each other.

Bella couldn't seem to muster up a better smile for me.  I was distracting her with my picture taking.  She just wanted to bathe in all of her candy.  Remember, she is the one with the extra large sweet tooth.

It was a fun morning for them.  We have had to put the candy away so it is out of sight. 


Jackie said...

I think your photos are great! I especially love the girls' hair and I'm sure your parents really appreciate the photos. Your girls really enjoyed their Easter!

Lisa n Javi said...

How cute. Love the hair. Looks like they had a blast.