Thursday, April 12, 2012


UPDATE:  I miscalculated the number of calories.  I put double the amount of cheese when I was figuring it out.  It is approximately 460 calories for a serving.  Much better!

I'm going to talk about food, again!  I know.  I'm probably pushing it with this subject.  But, right now I am trying to lose this weight and find foods that are relatively healthy and satisfying.  And, even if you aren't in the same boat as I am, why wouldn't you be interested in semi-healthy foods?

Well, Pinterest gave me another winner, at least in my book.  A quick and simple pasta dish that I just threw together for lunch.  It uses Parmesan cheese which is one of the "healthier" cheeses out there.  It isn't too high in calories.

Even though most of the ingredients are tame, one serving was still sort of high amount of calories for a lunch.  I estimated a serving around 580 calories.  So, I will have to go light on dinner.  But, it is filling and I could totally go for more greens and less pasta in the next serving.  Or maybe a little less of the cheese.  (I could have estimated wrong.  I really need a scale for the kitchen...)

Anyway, if you would like to try it out yourself, check out the Macaroni with Broccoli & Peas.

Here are the ingredients.  (not pictured are garlic, butter, and olive oil)

It was pretty good and very light and fresh.

I will eliminate some of the calories next time around.  I wanted to make it like this just so I could figure out the best way to make it.

Either way, maybe this could be a quick meal for you to throw together.  Maybe even add in some chicken.  I think even the girls might like this one.


Leslie Limon said...

Looks good to me! Diet or no diet, I'd eat it. :)

julie said...

That looks goooood!

I'm the Mami said...

Wow, how yummy! And faulous update, less is more when it comes to calories ;)

This may help me loose the xx pounds left over from baby 2!!! ;)