Monday, August 01, 2011

what is happening?

The other day Bella and I had a long conversation about her being a child.  She was/is frustrated that she is not big enough to do everything by herself.  It all started with her asking to put lipstick on.

If you know me at all you will know that I am far from a girly girl.  I used to be a hard core tomboy but I have left that end of the spectrum too.  If you have girly girl on one end and tomboy on the other, I would say I would be towards the middle but closer to girly girl now.

Bella left the womb a fashionista.  She thinks she is a princess and that's fine.  She got some make-up from Santa this past Christmas.  It is stored nice and safe in my room.  When she wants to wear some she has to ask me.  I try to monitor it so that she doesn't frequently wear it.  I want her to use it like she uses dress-up clothes.  For the house only.

When she asked for lipstick the other day I told her no.  It was towards evening and soon they would be brushing their teeth and putting jammies on. 

My "no" didn't go over very well.  She got upset and told me that she wanted to be big so she could put make-up on by herself.  That she wanted to be pretty.  I quickly explained that she is pretty without make-up.  And that a person doesn't need any make-up to be pretty. 

I know she is not getting this in her head from me.  Heck, I am good to change into "real" clothes during the day.  And, make-up?  Yeah right.  That is only for special occasions! :) 

The conversation lasted a good 30 minutes and I think she ended up being OK with things. I just couldn't believe that I was having that conversation with my 4 year old.

Today she just added to it.  She had an advertisement for a store and came in and pointed out that she wanted an item similar to this:

WHAT!  Is it ever going to end?  If she is like this now, at 4, what is she going to be like when she is older?  I'm OK with her being girly, but I just don't want her to think being "pretty" is so important.

I have so work cut out for me.

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Lisa n Javi said...

Wow! LOL good luck with this. I have a little cousin who is exactly the same way, into fashion and everything, she will tell you if you dont match and she picks out what she wears everyday. I was never a girly girl either Sorry and good luck!