Thursday, August 25, 2011

in case of an emergency

Living in the States, it seems like everything is setup to help someone in need.  A person can dial 911 and without even a spoken word help will show up at your door.

Living here in Mexico, not knowing the language, I sometimes wonder what would happen if I needed help. 

Now the girls are old enough that they could use the phone if needed.  And last night I realized that I have no plan in place if something were to happen to me while the girls are with me.  What if I need them to call for help?

I have no idea if there is a "911" type of number here.  I have seen a 611 or something similar if you are stuck on the side of the road.  But, other than that, I have no idea.  And, if they do have such a service, is the technology setup where it could find my house without an address.

Just so we are a bit more prepared for such a case, last night I showed the girls how to dial Jorge's number.  They picked it right up since I was showing them on my iPhone.  With little icons for them to remember, if I needed them to call him, it would be simple for them.


They know how to push the main button on the phone to wake the phone.

Next, push the green phone button.

Then push the star button

Then push on the letters in the white area and put the phone to your ear.  You will be calling daddy.

If you have small kids, maybe this would be a good time to teach them to dial 911.  You sometimes see those articles that show a child that saved a life by dialing 911 and were only taught days before.

You can view this as my yearly PSA!


Leslie Limon said...

Your plan sounds much better than my "run to Grandma's house as fast as you can" plan. (Half-joking.) I printed out all of our emergency numbers and nailed them on the wall right next to the phone.

As for your language worries, Mexican Trailrunner has an excellent ebook titled Emergency Medical Spanish for Travelers and Expats.

(And that my friend is my yearly PSA!) :P

Valarie said...

Leslie, as always, you are so resourceful! I will have to look at that ebook!

Stephanie G said...

I don't know if Jalisco has it but, most of Mexico is 066 for emergencies. I doubt they have the technology that the US 911 has but, you never know.
I, on the other hand, need to get a plan in place. We don't live near anybody we know anymore.