Monday, August 22, 2011


I vividly remember having a crazy, messy room when I was little.  There was stuff everywhere.  Under the bed.  Under the dresser.  Under anything that could fit something underneath it.  I know my mom was constantly telling me to clean my room. 

So, you would think that I would understand the girls' room being so messy.  It isn't that I don't understand.  I just can't stand it! 

I bought a shelving until (the one with the TV on it) at Cantia a while back for them.  And, that seemed to help a bit.  Having somewhere to put all their stuff helped to keep their room clean.

This weekend we went to Aguascalientes and stopped by Home Depot.  They had a cute little toy organizer and I snatched it right up!  I am hopping that the girls will love it so much that they will put their toys away. (high hopes, I know)

Today while they were down at their grandma's house I took everything out of their room and mopped the floor and then rearranged the room.  I built the little organizer and went through all their toys and organized them buy type of toy.

I know whenever I rearrange the room the girls totally love it.  They tend to see toys they haven't seen in a while and play in there.  With their toys!  Can you believe that. 

Take a look:

I'll find out how clean they keep when they get home.  I know, high hopes.


Tara said...

Their room looks great! I think them taking out every toy imaginable and us getting upset about it is part of being a mother. LOL Can you come decorate my house?

Anonymous said...

What in heaven's name do you have stored in that little oven??????

Love and hugs
Ms D

Valarie said...

It is a plastic shopping cart. Also, there is a bag with bowling pins.