Wednesday, August 10, 2011

the fair

Have you missed me?  It has been quite a few days since I have posted something.  It is mainly due to the fact that our internet has been goofing up.  Part of the day it would work fine.  Other parts of the day it would lose connection or be painfully slow.

We called Telmex the other day and I talked with a lady that walked me through changing some settings on my router.  Ever since then we have been good to go!  Which is good because not having the internet causes me not to be able to work.  No good!  Especially since it is our end of month.  But, things are back to normal now.

The Virgin is here.  Not in my house, but here in Jalos.  The first two weeks of August every year is when they bring the Blessed Virgin Mary here.  People come from out of town so the town is a bit more crowded these days.  During our Carnival in Feb/March and during these two weeks that lead up the Assumption of the Virgin, there is a little fair that comes to town.  It is the same every year, but the girls love going.

We went this past weekend and the girls had a blast.  Here are some pictures from that.

A small view of the fair.

Another view of the fair.

Weeee....  I didn't have my nice camera, so this is the best shot I got.

I hope Bella has her seat belt on since Emily has the wheel!

Row, row, row your boat.  Of course Bella took the pink seat while Emily took the blue.

Bella posing.  She can't help it.

Emily is on her way to deliver some Pepsi.

The girls and I are enjoying some popcorn and fries.

Posing with my littlest, Emily.

Bella taking her turn with me.
They only charge $4 for each person that is going to ride the rides.  For $8, it was a good night!  The girls were ready to go back the next day.


Leslie Limon said...

Love the fair!!! And it does look like the girls had fun. :)

The fair will be in our town all month in September. :) Hubby and the kiddies want to go EVERY single day! :P

Lisa n Javi said...

Great pic of you and the girls. Looks like they had a great time. I think the fair is here in our town in december.

Tara said...

Looks like lots of fun! I'm hoping this year, we will be able to take my son to the fair. He will be 6 in Nov. and he has never been...... (shame on me and hubby!)

Great pics as always amiga!