Monday, June 22, 2009

homemade gifts

I read on the other day (a few days before Father's Day) an article about what NOT to get dad. One of the things they said was that fathers don't like homemade gifts. That us moms need to realize that dads are not as sentimental. I think that is a load of crap. Yeah, not every homemade gift is going to make dad get up and do a jig. This was right around the time I was thinking about what to do for Jorge, which my idea was of course something homemade.

I don't really have access to any stores here that would have something that he would like. And, the times that we are around the stores that would have something he likes, he is with me. I like giving him a surprise. When he doesn't know or expect it, it seems to be an even better gift.

After thinking of what I can do with things in the house I remembered that I bought some thick bordered frames at Home Depot a while back. I also had bought a few magazines so I could decoupage the frames. Problem being that the magazines are girly ones. I was up to the challenge to make a frame for him. I thought it would be nice to see a cute framed picture of the girls while we are in the US for so long. Plus, what else am I going to make him?

I think the results turned out pretty well for what I had to work with. He seemed pleased with it and that is what counts.

I had a couple more frames and thought I would go ahead and decoupage those as well. I get into a rhythm and keep going. I ended up doing the second one as a gift as well. It is wrapped up and ready to mail. I didn't think about taking a picture, so that one you can just image in your head. I hope the person receiving it will be happy with it.

Homemade gifts are a good way to thank someone and do something a little bit personalized without having to spend much money. Plus, what is better than someone taking their time to do something for you. Seems like a good thing to me.

I ended up doing the last frame for me. I am going to MAKE Jorge let me take a picture of him and I will put it in the frame and take it to the US with me. That way the girls and I can see him all the time.

I think homemade gifts are the best kind. What do you think?


Laura said...

I love them - so I'm crafty (at times) and i just bought Allen a Dad frame from Staples - well, I like your frame so much more - cute ideas - I've been thinking of making some Christmas Gifts so thanks for the great idea!

Heather said...

I think homemade gifts are great. The fact that someone would take the time to make a gift means so much. I still cherish the framed picture of stamps you gave me so many years ago. It sits on my mantel and always reminds me of you!

julie said...

YES! Those frames are beautiful and so much more memorable and meaningful than things you can buy at stores. You did a great job (as always)!

Colin said...

That Val is crafty like ice is cold! And yes, as a dad, and a male, I can confirm that we *do* like homemade things, and often dance jigs in their honor.