Thursday, January 08, 2009

photos and a find

I always enjoy seeing pictures when I look on other blogs. That is why you will notice that I rarely post a blog without pictures. These are all pretty random photos, but I thought you might enjoy them.

First, this is one of the biggest bottles of tequila that I have ever seen. And, it is at a low bargain of $40.

This is the isle of liquor in the Bodega in San Juan. You probably can't tell, but most of this is tequila.

Here is the front of the sushi restaurant that we order from. Their selection is very limited but it is pretty tasty.

Here is the street where the sushi restaurant is located. You can see on the top of the buildings to the left there are large black tanks. These are the tanks that are our water supply. The city releases water every other day or so and fill up these tanks. A little different than the US.

I had another great find the other day. I love lemon cookies and cakes. There are also some recipes that call for lemon juice or zest, but down here I can't find lemon anything. That was until the other day when I stumbled upon this little jewel...

I thought I would sign off with a picture of me. We were at a little restaurant that is located between Jalos and San Juan. Jorge really likes their food, mostly seafood.


Liz said...

That last picture of you is really lovely! And yum, that makes me want to make some lemon cake right now!

Julie said...

I love that you posted these, and I'm sure your lemon cake was delicious! Hooray for things that help Mexico feel more familiar!

Amy Strain said...

Wow, reading your blog is so much fun! Keep it coming!