Saturday, January 03, 2009

a little more like home

I have always had some obsession with rearranging furniture. Unfortunately I don't have much to rearrange here because of my lack of furniture and belongings. Even so, I have managed to make the place feel more like home.
I am excited about my most recent change and I wanted to share because it brings us up on the scale, since this got the TV off of the floor.
Here is a before picture. As you can see it leaves much to desire.

We had been looking (back in the day when we had money) for a TV stand. In the old house we had an over sized coffee table that worked great. Everything we kept finding was too much money or just really crappy. So, we came to a decision to just leave the TV on the floor. It was our attempt to bring back the old style television sets, you know the one that was a piece of furniture and permanently sat on the floor.
Today I decided to try and use a piece of furniture we already had. I took the shelving unit for Jorge's clothes out of the bedroom and turned it on it's side.

It actually looks decent. The other shocker to this "after" picture is the missing Christmas tree. For the past two years our Christmas tree has been up in February. Taking it down during the first week of January is a record for me.

This just feels a little more like home.


Colin said...

Ingenious! Ever resourceful, that Val.

Tara from Me and the Mexican said...

It looks great! You even have storage! Love it!