Tuesday, January 13, 2009

2 for 1 project

I have too much time on my hands and I am in the house way too much. Due to that combination I think about how I can alter things in the house. First, I can't find things I want. Second, I can't afford new things. Third, I hate seeing everything the same day in and day out. I need some change in a place that change is not easy.

I dismantled (with Jorge's help) our headboard for the bed. I wanted to cover it with fabric. I had planned on going to the fabric store and buying something but came across something I already had. Yeah me! Recycling and not spending money.

This first picture will show you the bed prior to me getting my hands on it. Look closely and you will notice a curved piece of wood on the front of the straight piece of wood. We removed the curved piece which becomes project #2, which will be explained later.

Here is the after picture. Notice the fabric on the headboard. It is the blanket that was on the bed. I used the blanket only for decorative purposes (as seen as the third picture below).

Removing the front piece of wood gave Jorge the material to make the spice rack I had wanted. We went to Home Depot yesterday but their selection was crappy so we came home empty handed (good thing). He took the extra wood and made this for me.

There is plenty of room for me to add more bottles (Gerber juice bottles) once the juice is drank from them. I thought that they were a really good size for putting spices in. Right now the rest are in Ziploc baggies in that container next to the cookbooks in the picture above.

Good thing we don't have any power tools or I could really cause some damage!


penny said...

looks awesome! So inspiring!

Leslie Limon said...

Martha Stewart better watch her back! That is pretty darn cool. Hubby made my mom-in-law a washing machine cover with material very similar to your blue headboard. The blue was nice but the green that it has now is absolutely gorgeous.

Love that you use gerber jars for spices! I used to store flour and sugar in recycled formula cans. :)

Tara from Me and the Mexican said...

I wish I was creative! My husband is really good at thinking out side of the box.
Who would have thought abou tthe gerber jars... and the head board looks so modern! I agree w/Leslie! Martha Stewart better watch out!